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Engaging Brands with Consumers &Creators

We use AI & Blockchain to share consumer data insights with offline brands, while turning every consumer into brand influencer.

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For Brands

Connect with Consumers

Customers scan blockchain QR codes to collect reward points and contribute to building AI insights for your brand's data models. They also become brand influencers by posting on social media to earn extra points, generating UGC!

Customer Insights

FMCG, food chains and offline brands can get consumer data insights to increase retention and sales.

Grow Sales

Directly connect with consumers to retain the consumers by personalising and rewards the customer experience.

User Generated Content (UGC)

Turn customers into social media influencers, and effectively reward them for organic marketing.


Boost Customer Loyalty and Retention

We empower brand partners to acquire new customers and retain their existing ones.

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Why Choose Marhabaverse?

Activate your Marhabaverse account to earn from shopping with our brand partners.

Collect Points by Scanning and Sharing

Collect points by scanning the QR on products or at the restaurant or venue, share the scanned products on instagram to collect more points. Encash the points to your wallet or bank account.

Win Points by Playing Fantasy Football & Cricket

Create your own teams and matches to play fantasy football and cricket using the points to win more points, which can be encashed to your wallet or bank account.

Step by step

How it works

Scan QR on Product to collect points

Eligible users can apply by verifying their Aadhar and PAN linked mobile number with OTP.

Share on your Instagram to collect more points

Enter treatment amount, Select EMI plan and Submit relevant information to get credit approval. Loan will be disbursed once approved.

Redeem Points to SAR or gift vouchers by brand partners

Repay the loan with EMIs, as per the selected repayment plan and earn gold.


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Shop, Share & Earn


Collect points by scanning QR on products or at brand shops, earn even more points by sharing your purchase on Instagram. Encash points to your wallet or bank account.

Earn on every product purchased.
Encash points directly to your wallet or bank.
Nominal processing fees applicable.
Soon launching creator prepaid card.
FMCGs & Food chains


Access accurate data insights about your customers and transform them into brand influencers while efficiently rewarding them.

Collect customer details with consent.
Effcient ROAS with social engagement based rewarding.
Effcient ROAS with social engagement based rewarding.
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What Customers
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